Being the Light by Being Set-Apart

As the world continues to move in sync, we chose to live a set-apart lifestyle, as our Heavenly Father calls us to. Just like Messiah Yahusha taught, we are in this world, but we are not of this world, therefore has he called us out of it. We believe in being a Light to the world by following the perfect instructions of the Most High, reiterated and confirmed by his Son. What better way to spread the Truth that than to allow your everyday items to do some talking for you?

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A cozy collection of hoodies and sweatshirts with Set-Apart meanings.     


The shirts in this Collection are made with 100% ORGANIC Cotton, a... 

  • Meaning-Full Mugs

    Enjoy a cozy cup of your favorite drink in mugs with meaningful bible verses.

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  • Torah Talker, Way Walker

    Walking in the Way of Messiah = walking in the Torah (Instruction) of the Most High. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. Therefore, let us always talk Torah and reflect on the desires of Father's heart.

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  • Narrow Road

    Let's walk the Narrow Road by being set-apart unto the Most High and obeying his commandments. HalleluYaH!

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